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Welcome to Lady Rose Vintage Jewels!

 A love of antiques, and especially the history surrounding them, has always intrigued me since I was a young girl wanting to fearlessly explore my grandmother's basement for vintage treasures in all of her old trunks and boxes! That same passion blossomed over the years as I continued to explore antique shops, estates sales and auction houses acquiring over 35 years experience of collecting antique, vintage and estate items! But my vintage "love" is the jewelry... and vintage diamonds, in particular, will always catch my eye causing me to stop and admire the flash and sparkle of an Old Mine or European Cut Diamond which can be so hypnotizing with a life of its' own!
My shop initially evolved after my eldest son asked for my opinion about buying an engagement ring at a local jewelry store. Of course, I excitedly sought out the estate jewelry section in the store but was disappointed to see such a limited selection of vintage items! I was soon to discover the heartbreaking truth that due to depressed economic times along with the high prices of gold and platinum, so many vintage heirlooms had already been sold, melted or scrapped for the value of their metal alone! I then felt the calling to "save" as many antique and vintage pieces as possible with the goal of placing these beautiful jewelry items with those who truly appreciate them as much as I do. Sort of my small personal effort to help save a little bit of history and spread the love of vintage! We feel privileged to be able to offer our customers these vintage jewelry treasures and hopefully help them avoid the melting pot where so many others have already gone.
 Thank you for stopping by to visit and taking the time to view our collection of antique, vintage and estate jewelry which has been personally hand selected to place in our shop! We realize you have many choices of where to shop today and truly do appreciate and value your time and interest in what we have to offer! We want you to be able to shop with confidence in knowing that every vintage item has been lovingly selected not only for its' timeless beauty but also for its' unique quality of craftsmanship and historical significance of the era in which it was originally worn. I am very selective in trying to find the best vintage treasures available and choose every item as if I was purchasing it to wear myself. I also consult, collaborate and rely on the professional experience of our local jewelers and GIA Graduate Gemologists when needed, in order to provide as accurate a description as possible along with detailed photos in order to make your online shopping experience more confident.
Thank you for visiting and enjoy our shop!